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Fiver Fest Comes to Crystal Palace

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Great local offers and deals are on the way at just £5, 2-16 July.

**Updated** with more tip-offs!

Shop local with a twist. Discover even more about what you can get in Crystal Palace for £5.

We know at least 10 local businesses are busy perfecting their offers for the launch of this nationwide event on 2 July. Preview who's IN at the end of the post.

The event runs for a fortnight until 16th July. Get on board. Fiver Fest is open to any local independent business. If you're based in SE19, we'd love you to join in with us.

What is Fiver Fest?

It's a campaign to encourage more people to Shop Local more often, at an affordable guilt-free price point. £5.

Fiver Fest is the brain child of Northern marketer Chris Sands who founded Totally Locally in Calderdale, West Yorkshire in 2010 to support his local high streets. There are now over 150 towns in the UK who have gone ‘Totally Locally’.

Fiver Fest started as part of this, but has now become a nationwide event in its own right, which takes place 2-3 times per year. You can read more here.

So far, Crystal Palace is the only location in or near London taking part this July. We thought the best place to live in London 2022 TM, should absolutely get involved, spread the word and tell the rest of the UK about our special places in SE19.

Fill your boots, reusable bags and tell your friends. They may find some beautiful and enticing offers, or some surprises about what you can get for your Fiver when you visit Crystal Palace.

We love our independent businesses, but local high streets, just like the rest of us are having a tough time with energy price increases, inflation and the cost of living crisis.

Our local businesses need customers to keep visiting.

We need to support each other and see what we can do to help keep our local economies, jobs and businesses and ourselves thriving, together.

Fiver Fest is also a way of saying thank you for all the love and support given to our local businesses during all the uncertainty of 2020 and 2021.

Hmmm. Can a fiver really make a difference though?

Yes it can. If every adult living in our local area diverted an extra £5 to a local business, that would be worth as much as £200,000 to our local economy here in SE19, at one single stroke.

Multiply that by 52 weeks, and that starts to look like a seriously big number. Makes you think, right?

We know that Shop SE19 readers are already very committed to supporting local businesses. Keep it up, please!

Even hardcore local shoppers might be able to seek out something new, or even challenge themselves to create their own affordable treats and bundles in local businesses during the offer fortnight in July.

Try something new, treat yourself, buy ingredients for a summer meal for a fiver? It can be done.

Share what you discover. #FiverFestSE19 @ShopSE19

How can I get involved?

As a shopper or venue patron, look out for deals from all of the following on their social media or in-store. How many deals can you seek out between 2-16 July? Share what you find and tag us @ShopSE19

Some will be limited promotions. More deals and businesses might be added over the fortnight to keep us on our toes. We’ll keep an eye on what’s happening on our @ShopSE19 socials.

Can my business get involved?

Yes. 100%. The more the merrier. If you can create an enticing offer for £5 and you’re based in SE19 with your own social media account, you are very welcome to join the nationwide movement with @ShopSE19.

We can send easy-to-use templates.

Use the hashtags #ShopSE19 #FiverFest #FiverFestSE19 and tag us @ShopSE19.

We’ll share as many as we can.

Get involved.

Your offer here: use the templates and get sharing. Print a poster.

Hand-lettering is cool. Typed-up + QR codes. All good.

Are you ready? Local PT and fitness guru Allison from Aurora Fitness & Wellness is moving to a new studio space and is definitely ready for you.

Get those offers proudly out there. We can't wait to share more. On your window, on your website and social media.

Join in. Don't keep it quiet. Don't do your own thing. This is about local businesses collaborating and working together for our fantastic local area.

And you finding a great deal.

My business is not in SE19? What then?

If you’re located in a neighbouring area (hi!), or part of a neighbouring South London BID/business association (hi!), you will need to request your own customised kit from national organisers Totally Locally. Fiver Fests happen 2 or 3 times per year.

It's definitely worth checking it out to see if it's right for your district centre or business. The Totally Locally team are lovely. Here’s some feedback from other areas who have taken part in the past

So what's happening in Crystal Palace in July?

Here's the starting line-up. Keep an eye on @ShopSE19 socials and thank you to our group of Fiver Fest SE19 launch businesses. We can't wait to see what they are all offering.

Here are some early tip-offs:

  • Aurora Fitness & Wellness - taster classes including Box & Beats, celebrating a move to a new location this summer

  • Craft & Courage, Westow Hill - A glorious pink Antenna G&T

  • Free the Gallery, Haynes Lane - look out for £5 rails and a £5 per stall weekend Flea Market

  • Haven Wellness Westow St - a lucky crystal dip or Kinesiology taster session for £5

  • Kamari The Authentic Greek, Westow St - a £5 offer on Greek ice-cream

  • Nama Vegan Cake House, Westow Hill - it might involve Biscoff...

  • Real Nappy Life w/Freshwater's Cafe, Westow St - a lot of eco-offers.

  • SkinTouch , Church Rd

  • Tell Tale, Westow Hill

  • The Walkthrough - Haynes Lane, beauty, household + edible offers

We hope you find a great deal.

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