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Updates from our Crystal Palace High Streets and #ShopSE19

Thank you to all our ShopSE19 members and supporters.

Working together, we can make Good Things happen in Crystal Palace.

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More Fiver Fest deals, Crystal Palace

Learn about all the high street deals that are available in Crystal Palace for our July Fiver Fest. Shop indie and bring on the buzz.

Fiver Fest Comes to Crystal Palace

Great local offers and deals are on the way at just £5, 2-16 July. **Updated** with more tip-offs! Shop local with a twist. Discover even more about what you can get in Crystal Palace for £5. We know at least 10 local businesses are busy perfecting their offers for the launch of this nationwide event on 2 July. Preview who's IN at the end of the post. The event runs for a fortnight until 16th July. Get on board. Fiver Fest is open to any local independent business. If you're

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