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Nice here, innit?

Thank you to the team at My London for coming to speak to us about this year's victory for Crystal Palace in the Best Place to Live in London ranking.

My London made the time to speak to people from the local business community, across 3 boroughs, to get the lowdown on just why Crystal Palace has been so highly-rated by those who live and work here. This is not been an overnight success story. It has been years of commitment, tenacity and hard work by many volunteers, community groups and people who care about the area and its community.

While there may have been some (self-effacing?) head-scratching locally when the news broke this spring, the Independent Republic of Crystal Palace offers originality and inspiration to businesses and locals alike.

Crystal Palace has spent years as no-one's priority from a civic and local government point of view, aside from a few energetic individuals, who have recognised the potential. Energy and goodwill go a long way to build a place, but sensitive investment and fair, well-directed funding could make a huge difference to our community and help it to really flourish.

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