Terms & Conditions

Here's all the extra information you need about this year's raffle

We've outlined our terms and conditions below and covered some FAQs. By participating in the Shop SE19 Raffle you automatically agree to our Terms & Conditions.

If you are lucky enough to win a prize on 25th November, please take a look at our "Tell Me About The Prize Draw" section.

Thanks to Social Style Pro and the Shop SE19 team for compiling this info.

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How it works

  • The raffle will be run via the Raffall App, with a profile set up on it as Shop SE19

  • Each ticket costs £1 and entrants can purchase as many tickets as they want. They need to answer a multiple-choice question to enter.

  • Entrants buy tickets through the Raffall app

  • The raffle finishes on a set date and time or when all the tickets are sold. 

  • The winners are selected at random by the app and notified that they have won and told how they can collect their prize.

  • The raffle will run from October 14th until 25th November 2021 22.45 pm (6 weeks)

  • Up to 12,000 tickets are available to purchase.


How to enter

  • Enter the raffle via the Raffall app (on desktop or phone)

  • Each ticket costs £1 and customers can purchase as many tickets as they want. 

  • Entrants need to answer an easy multiple-choice question to enter the draw

  • This raffle is digital and no paper tickets are available 


The Prizes

  • We will start with 15 prizes valued at a minimum RRP of £50

  • We prioritise high street traders based in Crystal Palace as prize donors, because this raffle is all about supporting our high street businesses.

  • Prizes can be added to the raffle throughout the period to create more excitement as we sell more tickets.

  • We can add up to 50 prizes, if we sell more than 7500 tickets. We may be able to add further prizes, if available and time allows. 


Tell me about the prize draw

The Raffle Prize Draw

  • Once the end date has been reached or all the tickets have been sold the Raffall app will randomly select winners for the prizes.

  • Raffall will send the winner an email to notify them of their win.

  • Shop SE19 will receive a copy of the list of winners and their email addresses, we will issue their prize in the form of a collection voucher via email with the appropriate business CC’d in for transparency. The voucher will contain the details of the prize and how to collect it.

  • Prizes are non-transferable; however the winner may gift the prize once they have accepted it and collected it.

  • In order to claim their prize, prize-winners must go onto the Raffall website and "​Accept" ​that they have received their prize collection voucher from Shop SE19. This involves logging into their account, going to their tickets section and finding their winning tickets. They must leave a review of the raffle including a 1-5 star rating and then confirm they have received their prize by clicking accept.

  • All prizes need to be Accepted for the money raised to be released by Raffall. Therefore Shop SE19 will need all winners to accept via the Raffall app in order to receive their prize collection voucher.

  • In the unlikely event that a winner does not claim their prize within 21 days, another winner will be selected. ​


What about the money?

Money Raised: The Costs of running the raffle

  • All proceeds from raffle ticket sales will go directly to Shop SE19.

  • The Raffall app takes a 10% commission on all ticket sales and manages all legal and compliance aspects of the prize draw on our behalf.

  • This is a promotional self-funding raffle to support local businesses.

  • Promotion and advertising of the raffle, the prizes and publicity for donors will be paid for using proceeds from the raffle.  All this additional promotion supports our local high street businesses.

The Profit- (over and above the costs) 

  • Based on 50 prizes, If we sell more than 7000 tickets, those traders (who donated prizes) who wish to receive their £50 back will receive this in January, when we have received the payout from Raffall.

  • We will decide what to do with any further profit following a discussion with participating Shop SE19 traders in January 2022.


What happens then?

Profits from the 2020 Raffle enabled us to support our traders in ways that otherwise would not have been possible.

We made much-needed improvements and added additional features to our ShopSE19 website which proved essential during lockdowns, we were able to support our digital and social media channels, cover some of our administrative running costs, launch a monthly e-newsletter and support traders with re-opening marketing materials (posters, video and social media), and other seasonal campaigns designed by local artists and designers.

The Shop SE19 Team does a lot free-of-charge and at highly subsidised rates for our local business community, but we need help and support to cover the administrative basics and paying local freelancers fairly for their time and contributions.

We look forward to working with our partners in 2022 to provide more support for our high streets and connecting local businesses.

We hope that you all really enjoy the fun of the competition, seeing some of the amazing experiences and items you can access by shopping locally on the high street in Crystal Palace.