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We are ShopSE19

How it started | How it’s going

We started out as an informal little business collective that got together to organise some late night shopping in December 2018 (SE19 Lates). How things have changed!

We’ve grown. A lot. We now collaborate and bring together well over 50 local independent high street businesses in Crystal Palace, SE19. We are welcoming more each month, including new arrivals to our Crystal Palace high streets. We've built a network of mutual support for local high street business owners, who have been through so much in the last 12-months.

As we’ve been active year-round, we thought we should change our game face to reflect how we now work with local high street businesses. So you'll see more of the ShopSE19 brand, which hopefully many of you are already familiar with. Look out for the green shop sticker.

By ShopSE19 we mean: shop, browse, eat, drink, play, enjoy, get your hair and nails done, hang out etc etc. But that would make for a pretty complicated @account handle. So #ShopSE19 it is.

Expect to see us make the shift in the coming weeks to Shop SE19: our website, our social media channels. The SE19 Lates name is a keeper though and we'll want to use it for special events in the future. You may see it around and mentioned occasionally.

Obviously, we’re hoping our much-loved SE19Lates late-night shopping events will return, when it’s safe to do so. Meanwhile, please do what you can to #ShopSE19 and support our local high street businesses in Crystal Palace.

Thank you

Shop SE19 Team

High Street businesses in SE19 and customers can register with us for FREE here

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