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The Results of Our Raffle

Our first Winter Community Raffle closed at 11am on 3rd December 2020.

The winners were selected randomly and automatically by Raffall. Untouched by human hand! Which in 2020 is quite reassuring.

It's the first time we have used the Raffall platform, so please bear with us while we get the prizes organised and matched up to their lucky winners.

If you are a winner, you will receive an email notification from Raffall. Please make sure you check the email address you used to purchase tickets (or the email associated with your Facebook profile, if you logged in using Facebook, and if different).

You will be asked to digitally 'accept' your prize, to confirm that you have seen it and provide a review of your experience.

Please make sure you follow this step, even if you plan to use your prize as a gift for someone else.

This is really important, if you don't accept your prize, this delays the whole process. We will not be able to finalise the raffle and claim back the money raised from Raffall (which we will need to reimburse traders, provide the charity donations and to pay our own admin costs).

Collecting your prize

Look out for an email from us ( before attempting to claim your prize from the business. We will give you instructions on how, where and when to collect your prize and a special e-token to claim your prize. We will need to pass on your contact information to the shop or venue, to arrange collection.

The shop or venue's team will get confirmation from Shop SE19 to match everything up and to make sure that their members of staff are briefed and the prize is ready for you. With 57 winners and prizes to match up, we'll need everyone's co-operation and understanding!

We'd absolutely love to have your reaction to your prize and maybe a little photo or selfie when you collect your prize: tag in @Se19lates and #ShopSE19. Go on!

Thank you for taking part in this. It's been loads of fun, especially while we've been dealing with the challenges of the November lockdown. Let's do it all over again sometime, yeah (without the lockdown, preferably)?!

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