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Summer holiday essentials in SE19

Updated: Jul 30

Last minute packing, or coping with enhanced domestic temperatures. We've got you covered in Crystal Palace. Here's your summer checklist to support the little shops.

Keep cool, avoid sweltering trips and top-up on what you need here in Crystal Palace.

We've got some excellent local tips for you.

1. Coffee while you work/walk

While winter time means mulled wine. We're challenging locals to find their favourite iced coffee in Crystal Palace. Is it a lingering sit down in Tell Tale, The Roasted Bean, Colairos's or a grab and go from Kamari.

2. Shop SE19 for fashion

We've got lots of choice here in Crystal Palace for fashion finds from unique vintage discoveries, accessories to capsule summer wardrobes. Freshen up your holiday wardrobe with something bright from Josephine's, fashion forward picks for all from Dennis at DSolo on Church Road, a delicate dress from Elkins, a new shirt or shorts from Simon Carter or the perfect piece from Backstage.

3. Buy the Sandals

It's not too late. Good quality sandals are an Investment that will see you through unexpected warm snaps, lido trips, quick getaways and well into next year. Why queue in Covent Garden when you can get your Birkenstocks and Saltwater sandals right here in SE19? Get yourself to Merlin's.

4. Salon Time

Whether you are going away or not, a trip to one of Crystal Palace's many salons can get you ready and in the holiday mood. A new cool cut, a bonus blow-dry, a mani-pedi and expert skincare advice or a relaxing facial and massage can all be found locally. We love award winner La Belle Jolie, SkinTouch and Revitalize, but there are these and many more.

5. Packing essentials

Can you get these in Crystal Palace? Yes. Do you need to resort to big A? No you don't.

  • A good book. Check

  • An adaptor plug. Yes. Try our hardware shops and pound shops

  • Hats. Definitely. Something unique from Bambino, a baseball cap or bucket hat from Shillings

  • Bungee cords. Of course. Another one for Shillings, Hollybush or Palace Hardware

  • Torches and batteries. See above

  • The £70 Boots trip. No! Find what you need at Sefgrove, Planta, Haven, The Walkthrough and Savers

  • Tent/rucksack - check availability at The Library of Things.

  • Passport photos. Sefgrove and the Post Office can help you

  • Sunglasses: prescription and non from Crystal Eye Centre

And once you've cleared the fridge, treat yourself to a holiday lunch or dinner out in Crystal Palace.

Give the van driver, delivery dude and postie a day-off. Stroll with an iced coffee and see what you can find here in Crystal Palace.

We hope you find what you need

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