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Summer in the Palace 2022

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Aren't we lucky to have a host of extra events to look out for this Summer in Crystal Palace?

We hope that visitors explore all that Crystal Palace has to offer and take the opportunity to sample our great independent businesses before or after you head to an event at the park.

Or come back to enjoy more at a relaxed pace.

Whether it's finding picnic supplies, refreshing drinks, a summer meal or drink with friends, something new or pre-loved to wear, accessorise or bring the outdoors indoors with great plants, classic vinyl sounds and clever interior design ideas from vintage classics to contemporary decor. Crystal Palace has it all.

Shop, Eat and Treat local in Crystal Palace this summer.

Here's a taste of What's On and where to find more info:

An at-a-glance summary of events from Crystal Palace Park Trust... paid and FREE...

Crystal Palace Festival is back with more FREE mid-week events and concerts at Crystal Palace Bowl in August.

South Facing will be welcoming different headliners and support acts 29th July to 7th August.

Local residents discounts for South Facing are still available at time of writing.

Fun for all the family

Fun, free, funded activities for children and families in Crystal Palace Park

And here are some more options to explore in the Park this summer...

Crystal Palace Park Farm, Capel Manor

Park Boats at Crystal Palace

No bookings required. See Prices here.

Visit the Dinosaurs

Learn more about Crystal Palace's amazing Victorian dinosaurs on one of the events planned for Summer 2022.

None of this great stuff happens without a squad of volunteers. A great starting point is to make contact with Friends of Crystal Palace Park and find out how you can get involved.

ShopSE19 has a permanent webpage with all-year-round links too, which we hope is useful.

Thank you to CP Neighbours for helping to compile this starting line-up of the great things going on during July, August and beyond in and around Crystal Palace.

Coming soon: our new high street map to help you navigate around SE19 and discover new places in Palace.

You can find out more about Crystal Palace and our high street experience via and sign-up for our very useful monthly email.

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