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Stronger for 2022

We caught up with local fitness expert and ShopSE19 member Allison Bailey, from Aurora Fitness & Wellness to put her business in the spotlight this month. Allison rebranded her fitness business at the end of 2021. You may remember her from round the corner on Church Road at Warrior Fitness. Once a warrior, now Aurorrier-in-chief.

You can find her in a friendly, well-equipped studio on Westow Hill for classes, body transformation programmes and personal training sessions.

"...At Aurora We firmly believe that working out helps us to stay positive, energised and grounded, despite the challenges we might be facing. And, trust us, we speak from experience."

Allison has provided some great fitness, nutrition and wellbeing tips to get you in better shape for 2022.


1. Make a plan

On a Sunday evening write down in a planner or diary what type of exercise you’re going to do and on what day of the following week.

This way, when you look back at your entries, you’ll be able to track your progress and see how far you’ve come, especially if you’re on a weight/body fat loss journey.

2. Get a workout partner or a Personal Trainer

Commit to working out with a friend or a Personal Trainer – either in person or on Zoom. If you know that someone else is getting up at 6am on a Tuesday morning to do the workout with you, you’re going to be more motivated to do it with them

We are up regularly at 4am to prep for our Aurorriers and get to the studio by 6am.

3. Have a weekly goal review

Now that you have a training partner, set up a weekly catch-up with them – over Zoom or in person, with water or wine if it’s not a training day to discuss how it is going, how you are finding your workouts, and to set any new personal bests and make a plan for the week ahead.

4. Adopt a ‘one and done’ mindset

New to exercise and don’t know where to start? Try a few things out. If you don’t like something, don’t do it again. When you do find an exercise or workout that you like, make it a habit. If you like boxing: join a group fitness session or a club. If you like strength training or kettlebells: buy some for the home and do an online programme. Keep going!

5. Beware the strength training myth!

Hmmm, but doesn't strength and weight training bulk you up?

That age-old myth… Let’s dispel it. It’s usually men who say they want to “bulk up” and women who say they want to “tone up”, but bulking up means adding a lot of muscle mass to the body and sometimes reducing body fat – think male body builders and rugby players. At Aurora we like to call it “body sculpting” – a combination of basic weight-lifting and fat-burning exercises. With our ‘Time Under Tension’ and ‘High Reps, Low Weight’ methods we get stronger and leaner without getting bigger.


We've got seven great ways to help you make a difference in 2022

  1. STOP COUNTING CALORIES or you’ll become obsessed about your weight! Eat what you like, but in moderation – a well-balanced meal should include protein, carbs and vegetables

  2. Load up with good carbs such as sweet potatoes, brown pasta, or brown rice

  3. Roast, bake, steam, poach – TRY NOT TO FRY!

  4. Think of cravings as ‘discomfort’ NOT ‘comfort’ eating

  5. On a tight budget? Try tinned mackerel, sardines or tuna – all good for the brain and the hormones. Serve with sweet potatoes and loads of vegetables or a salad.

  6. Invest in a Nutribulletfollow me on social media for recipes and nutritional advice and tips

  7. Love your booze? Reduce your calories intake with ‘skinny bitches’ – that’s vodka, lime and soda or sparkling water. Well, sometimes a girl’s gotta, right?


Five to try...

  1. Stop weighing yourself. Ditch the scales. We’re all about looking and feeling good and confident in our clothes AND naked.

  2. Learn to ‘self-soothe’ take lots of salt baths, stretch that body, surround your space with candles, essential oils and positive people, invest in a good moisturiser, drink loads of water and get lots of sleep.

  3. Speak It’ don’t hold those overwhelming feelings inside. Talk to a good friend or family member who understands you.

  4. It’s okay to cry. Learn and move on.

  5. Remember – events don’t happen TO you they happen FOR you. Learn the good and bad lessons and use them to be the best(est) – yeah, we know that’s not grammatically correct – version of yourself.

Allison has built a fantastic reputation for helping women over 30 to challenge themselves and improve their physical and mental strength and resilience.

Head over to the Aurora website to learn more and get yourself booked in to make some positive changes this year.

Her clients give brilliant feedback like this...

“Allison has been my personal trainer for four years, and I can honestly say she is the best trainer I’ve ever had. She’s motivating, nurturing, keeps things fresh, doesn’t judge, and pushes me mentally and physically to achieve my goals.

Setting up Aurora is a huge step forward for her, but from where I’m sitting, it feels like a very natural and obvious progression. Aurora embodies everything Allison stands for and has always stood for. The only difference is that now she can take her lifelong passion for women’s mental and physical health and wellness to the next level. As Aurora, Allison can help more women find and unleash their inner roar”

Alice Phillips

"I never used to enjoy exercise and I always thought working with a PT sounded

terrifying, but Allison makes it genuinely fun. Allison really listened to what I wanted and

needed from training, and created a programme that celebrates successes in

both mental and physical fitness.  She works hard to design fresh, creative programmes and

has been amazing at tailoring exercises, so training doesn't exacerbate my old

injuries.  Allison is such an open, inspiring person that you can't help but look forward to

sessions even when you know you'll be pushed to achieve new personal bests.  Allison has

helped me realise that exercise is as much about how you feel as how you look – and I speak

from experience when I say she can help you feel stronger than you ever thought possible

whether it’s on your wedding day or just another rainy, Monday morning."

Ally Bradley

Sounds good? Try for yourself or recommend to a friend.

New Dawn. New Year. New Space.

We are really proud to have Allison and Aurora as an official member of our ShopSE19 high street network for 2022.

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