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On the map in SE19

One of the things we did on our summer holidays, was to commission a map of our little town centre to celebrate our local high streets. This has been a big project we've wanted to do for a long time, and it's all thanks to funds raised in our 2020 Raffle, that we were able commission a brand new original design and an initial print run and make it FREE. So, thank YOU if you bought a ticket last year or donated a prize. It's all helped to make this possible.

Our starting point with the design was to include all the businesses who donated prizes and also to celebrate a selection of new arrivals who have joined us in Crystal Palace during the pandemic year. There are a few!

A huge thank you to our designer: Lady Crimplene, who some of you will know as local resident, stand-up comedian, lover of vintage clothes, Sindy dolls and all round good-egg: Helen Desai.

It all started when Kate, our co-director, spotted something interesting on Helen's instagram account. Helen was reminiscing about an old art school project, where she had created a map and zine of Portobello Road. The whimsical illustrations, and the collection of quirky indie shops and traders immediately chimed with Kate and soon enough, the pair got talking about developing a new map for Crystal Palace.

A few weeks later (beautiful things take time), this gorgeous keepsake map, folding cleverly into a pocket-sized booklet, appeared.

We absolutely love it and hope you do too. A fantastic snapshot of Crystal Palace in 2021, after quite a year.

Here's a little peep...

There will be a download produced soon enough, but in the meantime, our challenge to you is to go hunting for one around Crystal Palace for the real thing; and if your favourite place DOESN'T have one (they've been super popular), then ask them to contact the Shop SE19 team and we'll be happy to replenish their stack of maps.

Happy hunting! And #ShopSE19

And if you're eager for the download, do sign-up to the ShopSE19 Newsletter. Subscribers get priority access, when we make it available. Sign-up here.

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