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A SE19Lates Thank you!

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Thank you to everyone who has visited and supported the #SE19Lates events this month and who are continuing to support our local high street shops and venues however they can. We need each other.

With a huge choice of independent traders and makers, Crystal Palace is a wonderful place to find all sorts of festive treats.

You still have a few more days left to find the perfect gift or treat for self and our local businesses would love to help you find it.

Thank you so much to everyone who chooses to shop local and the local businesses who make their venues look festive and welcoming. Pictured is Free The Gallery's Christmas pop-up market, open this weekend featuring lots of local designers and makers.

This year has been incredibly challenging for most of the small local businesses that make up the Crystal Palace high street and we are really humbled by the way that locals choose to shop locally and support our local high streets.

Thank to all the businesses who took part this year and who helped to fund the promotion of SE19Lates.

Their support meant we could invest in new designs, (supporting local graphic designers and printers), keep the website updated regularly with the latest info and share lots of photos on social media, as well as all the behind-the-scenes planning needed to make events like this happen, especially with extra curveballs on the scene (the Greek letter ones specifically).

Running events during a pandemic is fraught with all sorts of challenges, but we hope that we've been able to offer extra options to residents and help people to discover businesses and products that they may not have used before.

A big thank you to the whole team at Haynes Lane, who have really embraced SE19 Lates this year and have shown great teamwork in putting together their Thursday night events.

The yard was dressed up beautifully with lights, a glowing dinosaur and a very pretty Christmas tree donated by The Secret Garden and skillfully installed and lit by Sharon from Free The Gallery.

A very special thank you to Rebecca from the Walkthrough for developing and promoting Haynes Lane's very first series of night markets and sourcing lots of great ethically-minded traders to share and light-up our community.

Thanks also to Palace Acappella, with Eleanor Rastall and the Welcome Choir, with Katie Rose for singing us in and out of SE19 Lates for 2021.

Our high street in Crystal Palace is such a very special place and over the last two years, our traders old and new have dealt with a lot of change.

They have introduced a lot of changes to the way that they work and collaborate. Please do what you can to support them, whenever and however you can.

Here's the list of our supporting SE19Lates traders from 2021 and their websites, so you can: enjoy a Virtual Triangle experience, browse before you visit, click/collect or buy/order online or opt for gift vouchers from those who offer these services.

Westow Street

Westow Hill

Church Road

Indie businesses come in all shapes and sizes and not everyone has a website yet. You can find all these additional SE19Lates supporters on Instagram. Give them a follow and check out their great gift ideas and opening plans before you visit.

Most of this year's SE19 Lates traders have a presence on Instagram. Make sure you give them a follow and help spread the word to local friends and family.

Visit our own @ShopSE19 Instagram account to find out more, they are all tagged in on our most recent posts.

Thank you again! Keep in touch and stay updated with our high street plans for 2022 by signing up for the ShopSE19 newsletter.

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