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After 19th July...

We're taking it gradually.

To our customers and local community,

As local businesses, we recognise the need for some caution around the ending of national restrictions. After 19th July, many of our local businesses will be keeping safety measures in place to protect staff and customers. We hope that you can respect this, because your understanding and kindness will help us all through this recovery period. Every one of us has been affected adversely by Covid19. It’s not over yet.

It’s always very hard dealing with grey areas, but while infection rates are still rising, we want to protect those around us as much as we can, especially vulnerable members of our community.

Please be assured we are NOT politicising this, nor seeking to create division or arguments. We ask and hope you will support our local businesses and the individual decisions they will need to take for their workplaces, personal circumstances, staff and customer safety. We’re not out of the woods. We live in a busy, mobile city, with all the attached risks that brings.

Let’s do what we can to stay safe together and keep talking respectfully as a community.

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