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31 March: local delivery services

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

We’re bowled over by our resourceful local Crystal Palace community. So many examples of local businesses supporting our local community and offering home-delivery for fresh food, ingredients, essentials and other items this week, alongside takeaway food deliveries from local restaurants via Just Eat, Deliveroo, Uber Eats etc. A newly created local team is working on a new online solution to collect, update and share as much as possible of this info in one accessible place.  That way local businesses that take part can keep you updated about how and when they can help you and any major changes to how they are working. As you can appreciate, things are pretty complex and fast moving right now for everyone and changing all the time. Stay tuned, we'll share more information when we have it and timings are confirmed. Meanwhile, while this is being developed, here’s a very quick overview about traders operating locally, crowdsourced in the last couple of days, on a simple Google Doc. 

Thank you so much to local resident, Chloe Coleman, for organising this very useful local resource. 

All listings are correct at the time of submission. Check direct with local businesses via websites and social media for any updates on services, delivery options trading and contact hours.  Please be patient with businesses. This is a very new way of working for lots of them. Safety, staff and customer welfare comes first always. Running a local businesses /or happy customers of a local service not yet listed? You can submit a new entry to this quick-access list here using a Google Form.

Safety First. A useful BBC Science article on safety precautions you can take for home-deliveries and take-aways (published [27 March 2020).

+ Local businesses are invited to contact to find out more about the new local online directory in development, and to find out how to request or submit their listing, in advance.

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