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Our #ShopSE19 Blog

Updates from our Crystal Palace High Streets and #ShopSE19

Thank you to all our ShopSE19 members and supporters.

Working together, we can make Good Things happen in Crystal Palace.

SE19 High Street businesses: contact us about supporting ShopSE19 by becoming a member.

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Stepping out SE19 style

Have you been following #ShopSE19s dining round-ups on Instagram? In the picture, Manuel's, Gipsy Hill SE19, for fine Italian cuisine Our local hospitality businesses need YOU this Summer. Pavement licences and awnings are go! They've all worked so hard to create welcoming outdoor spaces and socially-distant dining indoors, now we're allowed back inside. If you can't travel, then you can dine your way around the globe without leaving SE19. If you wanted to, you could go to a

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